*  New 2D materials:  Characterization, properties and applications  CM P2018/NMT-4511, NMAT2D-CM (2019-2023) (IMDEA, UAM, CSIC, FIMDATIC)

*  Strain- and Piezotronics in 2D Materials using SAW, 2D-SAWNICS. MICINN, 2021-24

*  Graphenic and 2D for Solar Cells and Renewable Energy Storage Devices, REGRAP-2D. MICINN (in col. with CIEMAT), 2021-24

*  Plan complementario Comunicaciones Cuánticas: 2D Single Photon Devices. MICIN y CM, 2021-2024

*  Plan complementario Materiales Avanzados: 2D Materials. MICIN y CM,